Eat, Sleep, Rock…Eat…
by on July 31, 2013 3:17 PM in Uncategorized

It’s no secret that the stomach on a touring musician is one that shouldn’t be ignored and Gordie Johnson is no different.  Along with being a total foodie, his road radar for tasty treats has been finely tuned over the years and his list of favourite food joints across the country is a long one.  He also has the uncanny ability to choose an unknown place based on pure instinct, and he’s never wrong…but don’t tell him I said that.

Gordie recently had the chance to sit down with Julie Van Rosenthal from CBC Radio One to talk about his top 5 food joints in Calgary.


We’ll see y’all on August 9th in Gravenhurst…which brings me to my next question…where should we eat?


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