Sit Down, Servant!! @ Massey Hall
by on October 15, 2013 2:32 PM in Uncategorized
sit-down-serventGordie Johnson (right) of Sit Down, Servant!! (Photo: Steve Danyleyko/Aesthetic Magazine Toronto)

Opening for Satriani, was Sit Down, Servant!!, who released their debut album, I Was Just Trying To Help, back in May. The new Gordie Johnson project, together with Big Sugar drummer Stephane Beaudin, provides a new direction for Johnson, in the form of Gospel with hints of the Blues and a pinch of Jamaican Dub, which made for a refreshing performance.

Dark blue lighting with green highlights set the mood, as they began with “In My Time of Dying”. Their hypnotic seven-song set seemed a lot shorter than 30 minutes, but fans of Big Sugar, Grady and of gospel-blues singers like Blind Willie Johnson and Muddy Waters will find a deluge of pleasure from Sit Down, Servant’s initial offering.

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Sit Down, Servant!!
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